For Edentulous and Near-Edentulous: A Sweeping Look at Cosmetic Dental Cost for Oral Rehabilitation

It only takes a single missing tooth to bring concerns of oral health and smile aesthetics to the very front of your mind. While time can whittle away your self-consciousness, a single tooth lost (to decay or gum disease) is usually a precursor to the accelerated loss of more. Thankfully, there are a number of long and short term procedures and technologies that can help you to regain the confidence you thought you had lost forever as a result of single or multiple missing teeth. These include:

• Removable dentures
• Dental implants
• Mini implants
• All-on-4 implant protocol

The various costs do vary as do the aesthetic and functional results achieved. Consequently, trying to find the method that best suits your needs can be difficult. Generally, however, cost will depend on the extent of tooth loss and the health of the underlying jaw bone. For example, if you have lost all of your teeth to decay and gum disease – a state referred to as ‘edentulism’, the All-on-4 implant protocol will offer better cosmetic dental costs as well as long term aesthetic and functional results. This article strives to explain in more detail what to expect from each of the techniques mentioned above and the associated cost.

The Cosmetic Dental Cost of Dentures

Using dentures, or false teeth, daily can be a messy, expensive and embarrassing chore. They harbor food particles, must be removed and cleaned regularly and cause bad breath. On top of this, the cosmetic dentistry cost works out to be excessive in the long term; especially since they do nothing to promote the health of the jaw bone. The gradual loss of bone volume necessitates the expensive refitting of dentures, which adds up to exorbitant cosmetic dentistry costs in the long term. In fact, denture-wearers frequently end up needing dental implants anyway! This is not even to mention the repeated need for anesthetic gels, adhesives, cleaning agents and other products.

The Cosmetic Dental Cost of Dental Implants

For single and multiple missing teeth and complete edentulism, dental implants offer the best cosmetic dentistry cost and solution. And this is primarily because they promote long term oral health, dental stability, bite functionality, smile aesthetics and jaw bone health. While the initial cost of implants may be higher than for removable dentures, in the long run, you are making a much wiser investment that will pay out in your good oral health, self confidence and quality of life.

The Cosmetic Dental Cost of Mini Implants:

If the cosmetic dentistry cost of traditional implants concerns you, there are more cost-effective techniques and implant products on the market. Mini implants are usually around 50% cheaper than traditional implants, making them extremely accessible to people of all financial means. The placing of mini implants cost is also far simpler, incurring a lower cost as well as a shorter recovery time.

Cosmetic Dental Cost: All-on-4 Implants

The All-on-4 implant protocol involves the placement of – as the name suggests – four dental implants in the mouth, which are then used to permanently anchor a prosthetic dental bridge. The procedure itself, much like mini implants, is less invasive than traditional placement techniques, requires only a single surgery, fewer dental implants and a shorter recovery time. Together, these advantages enable patients to save as much as $15,000 on cosmetic dentisrty costs for complete oral rehabilitation!

Cosmetic Dentistry Costs: In Conclusion…

If you are worried about the cost associated with regaining your winning smile, you should discuss your options with a dental professional. Many dental implant centers offer financing plans, which allows you to the spread the cost over many months. At the end of the day, the cost should not come in the way of receiving the treatment you need to regain your long term oral health, functionality and aesthetics.