What If Health Insurance is Unavailable? Health & Dental Discount Plans May Be the Answer!

What if Health Insurance is Unavailable? Health & Dental Discount Plans May Be the ANSWER!

-I can’t afford it.
-I’m uninsurable.
-I need to go to the doctor today.
-I have existing conditions that aren’t covered.
-My insurance doesn’t cover enough of my medical bills.

There is good news for people who don’t have health insurance to cover themselves or their family. Too many times the availability of health insurance has left Americans with the over whelming cost of medical and dental bills. The good news is there are now products that can help aid in the high cost of medical and dental bills. These products are known as Health and Dental Discount Plans or Medical Discount Plans.

Health and dental discount plans open the door to provider networks so that you can obtain “wholesale” prices for doctors, dentists, hospitals and other provider services. This means members of these plans enjoy the same “wholesale” rates for their doctor and hospital provider services, along with contract pricing on prescription, dental, vision and hearing services.

A Health and Dental discount plan is ideal for people who are uninsurable and are looking for savings. They are also great for people who can not afford the high cost of health insurance or medical insurance. If you have medical coverage, but it doesn’t cover all of the costs, these discount plans are a great compliment to your existing coverage.

They offer savings on prescriptions, vision and dental costs. Giving you well rounded savings for all health costs you and your family incur. Most everyone in your household is covered under these medical savings / discount plans. Spouses, natural born children, stepchildren, children for whom you have assumed legal or financial responsibility and parents who reside in your household, everyone can be covered under one membership. These medical savings plans can really be a savings bonanza for your finances.

A good medical discount program will have nationwide discounts with hundreds of thousands physicians and hospitals participating. Thousands and thousands of dentists, vision experts, pharmacies, chiropractors and hearing experts are included as providers.

These plans can have special perks and mailers that include a wide variety of specials like emergency travel and vitamin samples. You should look for a program that includes Accident and Life Insurance included. Again, these plans will add a great amount of benefits for one cost and can include everyone in the household, making them a great addition to your financial plans.

One thing to keep in mind, Medical Discount plans are not insurance. You do not have to qualify, there is guaranteed acceptance with no underwriting questions! You simply will be showing your ID card at the time of your appointment or purchase and receive the reduced rate when you pay. Very simple and a great savings.

Convenience is another option to look for; a good program should be easy to enroll in online or by phone. You should be able to have your monthly fee deducted from a credit card or debit card and receive your membership kit and ID cards in a timely manner.

There are many good programs available and we recommend and offer a fantastic product called BENICARD. It includes all of the benefits we have discussed above and is available on our website for quick access. Just look for the Benicard banner on our Peak Services website where we are always “Helping You Reach Your Peak”. Complete explanations of benefits are available at our website and a quick, safe, easy application process will get you on your way to medical savings in minutes.

So if you or a family member needs to find additional ways to save on the high cost of medical and health costs look to medical savings or discount plans as a great supplement to your financial picture. These plans also make a great gift for that someone who struggles with paying for the high cost of coverage.

As always Good Luck and Good Health!